Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

Duration: 5 days (including 2 night rescues)
Level: Technician

The course takes the student who has completed Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 (SRTU1) beyond the emphasis of self-rescue and further concentrates on the victim's rescue. This is done by integrating the SRTU1 techniques into more difficult technical swiftwater situations.
Topics covered include:
1. FPA regulations.
2. Preplanning.
3. Size-up.
4. Rescue Equipment.
5. Applying Rescue Techniques in difficult situations (at night or with little light).
6. Knots.
7. Anchors.
8. Basic Principles of ascending and descending a fixed rope.
9. Tensioning Systems.
10. Raising and Lowering Systems.
11. Knot Passing.
12. High Line Tyrolean.
13. Rescue and Recovery Management.
14. Search and Rescue Drills.
15. Victim care and packaging.
16. Other rescue incidents.

Materials Supplied
Rescue 3 will supply the technical gear necessary for the class (rope, PFD, rafts etc). Each participant will receive a manual of related information and articles. At the successful completion of the course a certificate of completion, a Swiftwater Rescue Technician patch, and an i.d. card will be presented to each student..
Student Equipment
Bathing suit, thermals (depending on weather), towel, and a pair of tennis shoes or wetsuit booties. Moreover, students should have a pen, pencil and notepaper at all class sessions.

Student Requirements
A basic requirement for attending SRTA is to have successfully completed the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 course.
Observation or participation of all activities, a co-signed skills check-off sheet, and a written test are required to receive the certificate of completion. A willingness to learn and endure arduous circumstances, long hours, and fatigue will all contribute to a student's success.
If a student feels uncomfortable about participating in any activity and simply wishes to observe s/he should advise the instructor of this decision. Rescue 3 recognizes caution as the first sign of a good rescuer.