Swiftwater First Responder

Duration: 1 day (3 hours of theory, 5 hours at the river)
Level: Awareness

This course is designed to meet the needs of groups who want their personnel to have a basic knowledge of water both how it functions and how to self-rescue when needed.

Goals and Objectives
1. Understand basic hydrology.
2. Define roles of the Swiftwater First Responder in the swiftwater discipline.
3. Identify appropriate personal protective equipment for swiftwater rescue.
4. Gain personal experience in dealing with swiftwater.
5. Identify the uses of the Incident Command System for swiftwater rescue.
6. Identify appropriate rescue equipment for Swiftwater First Responders.
7. Identify appropriate rescue techniques for Swiftwater First Responders.
8. Determine low-risk to high-risk rescue techniques within the Swiftwater First Responders standard of training.
9. Identify specific and usual hazards during a swiftwater rescue.
10. Instill into the Swiftwater First Responder the need to practice the skills taught in the Swiftwater First Responder program.

Materials Supplied
Rescue 3 will supply the technical gear necessary for the class (rope, PFD, rafts etc). Each participant will receive a manual of related information and articles. At the successful completion of the course a certificate of completion will be presented to each student.

Student Equipment
Bathing suit, thermals (depending on weather), towel, and a pair of tennis shoes or wetsuit booties. Moreover, students should have a pen, pencil and notepaper at all class sessions.

Student Requirements
Observation or participation of all activities, a co-signed skills check-off sheet, and a written test are required to receive the certificate of completion. A willingness to learn and endure arduous circumstances, long hours, and fatigue will all contribute to a student's success.
If a student feels uncomfortable about participating in any activity and simply wishes to observe s/he should advise the instructor of this decision. Rescue 3 recognizes caution as the first sign of a good rescuer.